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Image by Juanma Clemente-Alloza

The prevailing scientific account of climate change focuses on atmospheric greenhouse gasses.  However, emerging science as well as Indigenous wisdom teaches that Earth's atmosphere was created, and our life-friendly climate is maintained, by living systems. 

  • Sunlit landscapes dominated by green plants and moist soil radiate much less heat than dead dry dirt.

  • Vegetation converts huge amounts of solar energy into water vapor that carries energy away from the earth surface.  This is the planetary air condition system.

  • Plants in forests and other healthy ecosystems also cause clouds to form, bring rain, capture water in soil, drive water cycles, and power atmospheric rivers.

  • Therefore, warming, storming, fires, floods, and droughts can all be mitigated by working with nature to restore healthy ecosystems.

"Carbon tunnel vision" distracts us from near-term solutions.

Image by Mike Beaumont

Based on the work of ERA scientists Michal Kravčík, Jan Pokorný,  Anastassia Makarieva and others,  we have developed with Biodiversity for a Livable Climate an Action Plan for Climate Restoration Through Ecosystem Restoration that reviews the emerging science and prioritizes both strategic and tactical actions.

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