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EcoRestoration Alliance

ERA promotes restoration of healthy biodiverse ecosystems as a holistic response to the urgent crises of climate and biodiversity.


We bring together scientists, earth stewards, storytellers and grassroots leaders to accelerate the restoration of degraded lands and waters, foster biodiversity, and cool the planet.


ERA cross-pollinates Indigenous and grassroots leadership with resource partners and platforms to advance nature-based solutions that are actionable, affordable, effective, and self-sustaining.

Based On The Science

Image by Timothy K

Rooted In Our Values

  • Biodiversity, co-evolution & bio-inspiration

  • Solutions-oriented pragmatic optimism

  • Best of Indigenous & modern systems 

  • Longterm intergenerational impact

  • Sharing, caring, inclusiveness & collaboration

  • Servant-leadership

Sea Turtle

Partners & Members

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