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How to Engage


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Town Halls seed connections and collaborations that cross-fertilize scientific research and case studies with lived experience and on-the-ground best practices.  Held twice a month.

Periodic Forums convene selected groups for exchange of lessons learned, practices applied and capacities built, using development tools, digital platforms and network supports. These gatherings typically spawn new initiatives, collaborations, and funding opportunities.

Living Earth Symposium & Call to Action

by Spring 2024.

The proposed symposium will bring together leading scientists and practitioners to explore the role of healthy ecosystems in determining water and carbon cycles that drive weather & climate.


Together we will engage key actors to:

  • Marshal emerging theory and data about the role of living systems in regulating planetary climate systems.

  • Identify urgent areas for further research and evaluation of approaches to remediation.

  • Take a lead role in realizing immediate opportunities for Nature-based interventions proven to accelerate ecosystem restoration. ​

ERA will lead in fundraising and collaboration on content development, panel recruitment, and outreach, in partnership with others that may include: Harvard’s Salata Institute for Climate & Sustainability; lead actors at Harvard Business School; Kennedy School of Government; Chan School of Public Health; international NGOs; and private sector organizations that have shown preliminary interest.

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Co-creation Resources, Working Groups & Infrastructure


Working Groups meet repeatedly for a particular purpose, and then disband or define a new goal.  Working Groups and work products include, but are not limited to:

Big Map to Save the Future

Find your niche on the only planet we have!

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