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As ERA practitioners demonstrate recovery of ecosystems by  working with nature, ERA scientists show how healthy ecosystems can cool, maintain water cycles, and address extreme weather events. These stories are being told through ERA member books, films and articles.


ERA initiatives aim to build synergies among such member contributions, mobilizing, inspiring & empowering the next generation. 


These include:

Image by NASA

The ERA's mapping project displays thousands of ecosystem restoration success stories and heroes around the world to recruit, support, engage and celebrate ecorestorationists across the globe.

Ecosystem Restoration Communities-Logo_.png

Founded by pioneer John D. Liu, Ecosystem Restoration Communities are living labs working together with local communities to learn and implement ecorestoration strategies and techniques.


Founded by Nobel Laureate Wangari Mathai, Green Belt Movement empowers women and communities of East Africa through an award-winning integrated watershed management approach to environmental conservation, social justice and economic development.

Bio 4 liveable climate logo.png

Biodiversity for a Livable Climate has advanced natural solutions to climate change for a decade. Co-author of ERA's Action Plan for Climate Restoration Through Ecosystem Restoration.

OFC logo white.jpeg

Open Future Coalition's Open Impact Platform coordinates, connects, and provides tools for project management, access to capital, skills development and knowledge-sharing.

Recent $47M grant proposal with ERA to USDA would build dozens of urban forests and thousands of urban forest-makers in underserved communities throughout the U.S.

Center for Regeneration logo.png

The Center for Regeneration, founded by Open Future Coalition and North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University, creates replicable models to help under-represented and disadvantaged farmers develop just, thriving, locally-led regenerative agricultural systems.  

ozgreen logo.webp
logo meergroen.jpeg
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Ridge 2 Reefs Logo.png

OzGreen combines environmental education, youth leadership & action, citizen science, sustainability education, & community leadership.  Awards include the Buckminster-Fuller Catalyst Program, UN Media Peace Award and UNESCO Wenhui Award.

MeerGroen (More Green) works with communities to regenerate landscapes by replanting forest saplings and planting gardens.  MG has been active in the Netherlands for decades and is expanding across Europe.  Recognized by The Guardianthe World Economic Forum, and leading EU sustainability politician Frans Timmermans.

Reseu pour l'Emergence et le Developpement des Ecovillages au Sahel blends deep-rooted African culture with modern ecological and community-building methods, engaging Senegalese and international students in rural ecovillage projects digging wells, planting trees, building a community center et al.

The African Network of Green Ambassadors of 
Sustainable Green Environment Initiative 
aims to provide African-led youth leadership and professional mentoring to ten million by 2025 through sustainability in natural & built environments. 

Ridge to Reefs protects and restores coastal and coral reef ecosystems by reducing land-to-sea pollution with green infrastructure.

Projects in the Chesapeake Bay, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Palau, and American Samoa combine environmental education, youth leadership, citizen science and community development.

Uni Buffalo Experiential Learning Logo.png

University of Buffalo's Experiential Learning Network combines digital badges with integrative, experiential, self-guided learning and ecosystem restoration collaborations with peers, professors and ERA mentors.


Green Water Cools advises the co-insurance industry on climate threats using informed
de-risking strategies based on a healthy ecosystem's role in managing water cycles to cool the planet.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

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